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You should fill in this form if the complete order has been delivered. Some orders are delivered in multiple parcels, this can result in multiple deliveries.
If you are not sure of the amount of parcels your product consists of, please check the product page, additional information and then product packaging.

Please refrain from filling in this form if the order hasn’t been completely delivered.

You should not fill in this form when:

  • You want to return the order

If you want to return the order, fill in the return form.

When you have filled in the form, customer service will get back to you with the parts list of the product within 3 working days. Once the missing or damaged parts are identified, the warehouse will send the parts to you.

The Customer Service ID is sent to you via the shipping mail you receive when your order is ready to be shipped or dispatched.
The shipping mail includes:
  • Tracking number
  • Tracking URL
  • Customer Service ID

We request pictures of the damage to assess the damages of the product. The pictures will be used to improve the warehouse or delivery processes to prevent these damages in the future.

An order can consist of multiple products, it is not always clear which product has missing or damaged parts. In order to reduce unnecessary back- and forth mails to the client. The SKU will help them process your request as fast as possible.

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